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    Mais qu'il comprenne, ce client, à la fin! Les Français ne connaissent rien aux langues.

Day After Day,
The Motinless Voyage

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Français de base parlé en Sibérie, traduit en anglais
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The customer must understand that it travels through the country under-developed where the accidents, the retardements and the nuisance can take place. The customer must be well-informed of what not all suppliers and partners with which "Baikal Travel Co." collaborate use the standarts occidentals in the organization of their activity. The customer must refuse the requirements emis towards "Baikal Travel Co." in case if it falls sick or if it arrives to him an accident. "Baikal Travel Co." is not responsible for the accidents and misfortunes of its customer during the voyage. The clien must realize that that "Baikal Travel Co." and its partners are not responsible for its health and its general state.

"Baikal Travel Co." and its partners prepared the turns presented in the documents in conformity of the interests of the companies airiennes, the hotels, the services of transport and the foreign operators who render the services described in the documents. All the documents are compiled in accordance with the conditions fixed by the suppliers and the laws of the countries where the maltreatment is carried out.

"Baikal Travel Co." is not responsible for the damage caused by the hotel ones or the other suppliers of the services which take share with the realization of the turns. The customer must understand that Irkutsk - Baikal - Travel Inc and its subsidiary companies do not assume the responsibility for the damage caused with the traveller and his personal good by the services of transport, the services of lodging and other damage such as: the accident on sea, the fire, bread them, the decisions of the government and other organizations, the wars, the hostility, the civil violation, the strikes, the revolts, the larcenies, the épidimies, forty, the medical regulation, not acquitatiobn of engagements, the deadlines, cancellations, the changes of the route, horraires: damage appeared in the event of nonconformity of visa, the passport and other documents. "Baikal Travel Co." and its subsidiary companies are not responsible for the expenditure annex finally appeared because of the negligence of the people, the corporations and other organizations which promote the tourist services.

"Baikal Travel Co." the right has to refuse the characteristics and the services presented in the description of the turns, to change the routes and the excursions if the circumstances require it. The expenditure and taxes appeared in case of the time, of the another cause, strike, war, disease, changes of weather which are not controlées by "Baikal Travel Co."